Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Unmistakably Kovert

This has Fred Kovert's "silent movie style" written all over it,
whether Fred actually took the photograph or not.



  1. I see what you mean...something about this pose conjures up Valentino. Is he lightly oiled down?

  2. I'm glad he did a series for Kovert because, like Douglas of Detroit, these models are posed well and nicely groomed. While I loved the 70's "let it all hang out" ethos, the rigorous grooming of men from the 40's to the 60's I find attractive (even though I was too young for most of it).

    1. Kovert's background in the silent movies served him well because those flicks were all about visual appeal. Although it's now known that Freddie K. had other photographers working with him, his style comes through in the grooming and posing, leaving me to think he directed those elements even when he didn't snap the shutter.