Sunday, September 26, 2021

Boxers Double Feature, Part 1 - Models

Our Sunday double feature's subject is boxers, and we'll start off the nude half with the only nude model in the set whom I think I can identify.  I'm pretty sure this is John Manning,
but I don't know who took the rather good photo.



  1. He looks pretty young here. At risk of offending, that male organ is the right size to be Manning.

  2. As a card carrying member of the Manning Brothers fan club, I can attest this is indeed Big John. Like you, I was never sure of the photographer and assumed it was when he posed for Dave Martin. But I never got that Martin feel from it. As you know, John got around to all the major photographers on the west coast. A while ago I posted a couple of pics of John and his younger brother Jim and attributed them to Bruce of LA. Lately I have seen other pics of John and Jim, together and alone, that are attributed to Lyle Frisby. Based on John's haircut in this photo, I'm thinking this is also from Lyle. I'm going to do some more research on this. I have a feeling I'm going down a rabbit hole that may keep me busy for hours. Darn! I have to look at nude photos of the Manning bros? Work, work, work. :)

    1. Sorry to inflict such a painful chore on you, lol! I agree that this doesn't have the Martin feel to it, fwiw.

  3. Even if not a boxer, rather beautifully posed as a boxer.