Sunday, September 26, 2021


The guy at left looks familiar.  Could he be Jim Collette . . . or look like him?



  1. Again, no AMG feel here. But there's my favourite shadow!

  2. The low hangers on the right are awesome.

  3. Le gars à droite à une solide paire de couilles !!!
    The guy on the right has a solid pair of balls !!!

  4. Yes, that's Jim Collette, but it's not a picture I have ever seen before...

  5. For a while my eyes were glued to the guy on the right with the dimples and low hangers. I don't recognize him at all.

    Jim posed for AMG and Pat Milo but I don't see either in this photo. But it sure looks like Jim.

  6. Definitely Jim Collette (L) & (presumably, brother) Rick Collette (R). I have a colour version of this photo and 2 others from the same shoot.

    1. Thanks! I knew there was a brother, and this all makes sense.

    2. OMG! That is Rick Collette, Jim's brother. I posted two photos of Rick by Pat Milo and Rick's tattoos were much easier to spot. Albeit, they were reversed. The tats on his left arm in this photo appeared on his right arm in Milo's photos.

      Now to really confuse things. There was also a Ron Collette who worked for AMG around the same time and Ron actually did a film with Jim! it was titled Weekend Sailors and promoted in one of the PP mags as a film with the "Collette brothers". The film was released in 1971, three years after Jim's untimely death.

      Unfortunately AMG's promo was wrong. And it was right. It was the Collette bros, but Jim is joined by brother RICK, not Ron as promoted. I've seen the film. (You can Google it.) Rick's killer smile and those tats made it no doubt it's Rick. And, for the record, the Milo photo has the tats on the correct arms.

      Also, Ron did only two films before the other two Collette were working.
      They were both in the posing strap era. Check my blog to see pics of Ron.

      This is fun.

    3. Right, this one has stumbled from one interesting fact to another and yet another. Thanks!