Sunday, September 19, 2021

John Krivos Day


John Krivos worked at various times for Bob Mizer of AMG, Denny Denfield, and Bruce of LA.  
Today I will feature photos by all three, plus two unattributed ones, including this example.
Is there some sort of subtle bondage theme going on here?


  1. Krivos has been a favourite of mine since I first saw him. This photo sums up why IMHO.

  2. The oil job is perfect, the tan lines show up well, and, not wishing to offend, but, does his bush look manscaped a bit?

    1. Not offensive. It could have been "fluffed" to look that way, I suppose.

  3. My favorite Krivos photo, too. John was usually manscaped like here, but there are photos of him with a hairy chest and legs. Body hair, like tattoos, has to be well done or it becomes an unwanted distraction. Krivos actually does both well.

  4. The subtle bondage and blond that quiff are rather splendid. Also John's very attractive partly exposed glans. This must have a name. A lovely man.