Sunday, September 5, 2021

John Winship Day

John Winship's outstanding modeling work is generally dated to the late 1940s through the mid-50s.  He is generally believed to have worked for Bob Mizer of AMG, Kovert of Hollywood, Pat Milo, and Denny Denfield.  The fact that all those great photographers worked with him should tell you something.  The man was good, very good.  So today he gets his own overdue series starting with this studio shot by Pat Milo.  As you will see, he looks fantastic indoors or out.



  1. Absolutely stunning! I don't think I've come across Mr. Winship before. I'm sure that I'd have remembered if I had. As you say, the fact that he worked with so many photographers shows how good and in demand he was. This series is a real delight.


  2. The abs and pecs are splendid, but one cannot discount his thighs and arms. That light oil job makes his body glow. Old Milo nailed it with this shot, didn't he?