Sunday, September 5, 2021

Milo again

Closing the John Winship special with another photo generally attributed to Pat Milo.
I may do another series on him at some point, but be forewarned . . . I've used all the full 
frontal photographs I have of Mr. Winship either today or in previous scattered postings.
Still, I suppose few would complain about a few repeats with some "new" posing strap shots.



  1. This has been an exceptional series, Jerry. Another series at some point would be welcome and I'd be more than happy to see repeat and/or posing strap shots of Mr. Winship.


  2. Heck, Jerry, repeats of his full frontals are never boring, and seeing him in a bulging strap would not be a hardship, though it could theoretically cause some hardness somewhere, sometime, for someone. Who knows?