Friday, October 22, 2021

19th and 20th Century Images with Staffs

We have to assume that the mid-20th Century physique photographers were influenced by the artists of the 19th Century, especially when it comes to the use of the staff as a prop.  Today we will look at five of each that match reasonably well, starting with this Al Urban photo of an unknown model.



  1. The lighting subtly highlights his pecs and left thigh. His prominent maleness adds to the beauty of this shot. They aren't low hangers, but they sure are big. Is he oiled, or is it just the light? Oh, and thanks for The Shadow on his right thigh, Jerry. You always make this iold man happy.

    1. Yes, lightly oiled. I should add a tag for low hangers as they are noteworthy.

  2. Ah, the joy of working with a staff. The prefect modelling prop.