Saturday, October 9, 2021

Ball players or strong men?

Jimmie Foxx (left) and Ted Williams clown it up in this 1939 photo.  I think they both played for Boston at the time, and Foxx had a remarkable 20 year career in which he was nicknamed "The Beast."  Note that he wrote his name on his jockstrap.  I have a photo where Stan Musial had written his name on his underwear.  Can you imagine a modern pro athlete doing that?



  1. We used to write our names on our straps. All schools and colleges i Britai used the ubiquitous Cash's Name Tapes which countless mothers spent endless hours sewing into their sons' clothes, but no one wanted to pick up another chap's jock to look for the name tape, so we wrote our names on the outside of the belt.

    1. We used these predecessors of Sharpies that they called laundry markers and just wrote our names directly on them.