Saturday, October 30, 2021

Bath walk

This German soldier seems to be walking toward a spot to get a bath while his buddy gets undressed.  I hope there's more water somewhere other than in what appears to be a ditch at upper right.



  1. It does kinda look short of the old H2O, doesn't it. Are there more shots of naked German soldiers than there are of Americans? I think I mentioned that I've seen photos of my Dad and his buddies skinny dipping in the hot springs in Iceland. Full frontal, no embarrassment noticeable.

    1. Although I'm not aware of a scientific survey, years of collecting tell me that the Germans were more likely to be photographed nude, particularly when it came to frontal. I think the FKK tradition might be the reason. I'm pretty sure the Americans(and possibly others) spent about as much time naked as the Germans did. They just didn't photograph it as much.