Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Columbus Day Special

Poor Columbus Day.  First it was relegated like so many U.S. holidays to a Monday rotation 
that only occasionally coincided with the actual date.  Then it was declared seriously politically incorrect.  Those of us of a certain age will remember the history or geography teacher observing 
it with a special lesson or a silly poem.  For Italian-Americans, it was always a big deal.  So I'm observing it today, politically correct or not, with an all Italian model series.  We'll start with a 
double dose by posting this photo of Bill Franchi, an Italian model, by Jean Ferrero, a French photographer of Italian descent.  The rest will be Americans.  
Dedicated to my good friend Mike P., who loves all things Italian.



  1. Mi piace quest homo! E bello! His build is attractive, and..
    There's my favourite shadow on his left thigh
    My mother was from Italy, so I like "all things Italian,"too. Including Signor Franchi.

  2. Damned spell check. QUESTO UOMO. "This man."

  3. I saw an absolutely fascinating documentary recently proposing with well-substantiated evidence that Christopher Columbus was in fact a Portuguese Jew in the pay of Venice. There is also evidence out there that he made his first voyage to the Americas in 1483. All of this is of course only wonderful speculation. I hope you have enjoyed your day.

    1. Yes, there has been some interesting evidence and speculation about Columbus' origins and activities. My day is just starting here in Hawaii, and it's been raining and raining.

    2. Sounds pretty speculative. He seems to have been Spanish; his last name was Colón. He thought the world was shaped like a pear, or a breast. NOT round, as every right-thinking person on both sides of the Atlantic knew. Basically he only survived because there was land in the way.

      And then, despite the islands not having gold, he demanded gold. I mean, sir, this is a Wendy's. And threatened dismemberment to anyone who couldn't find gold. His crewmen pimped the local girls. And by "girls" I mean eight or nine years old. So yeah. None of that is speculation.

      Seriously, when Queen Isabella fires you for excessive cruelty.

  4. Italian descent here, too, from NJ which has its own brand of Italian-American culture (almost like Brooklyn Italians). LOL. Excellent series today, Jerry. And not just because the models are Italian. They are all gorgeous! Thank you!