Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Gaudenzio Marconi

Among the 19th Century photographers who made male nude studies for painters, Gaudenzio Marconi's work is among the best.  His technical quality was excellent by 1870s standards, and his models were varied and all  good physical specimens.  Sadly, he died in 1885 at age 41.  Otherwise, we would have more and likely even better examples from him as photo technology improved.  Today well look at five of his photos, starting with a pose done often by other photographers of the time.



  1. This male's body is outstanding. I wonder if he did hard physical work for a living.

    1. Quite likely. I recall reading somewhere that many of these fellows were working men who modeled for extra money.

    2. He looks well nourished. His musculature is very even. And, from this view he shows no signs of a misshaped spine sometimes seen in this era. Lots of twisting and lifting.....but what?

  2. Many thanks for posting these Jerry. As you would expect they are very much "my thing". A timeless pose. This splendid man is now immortalised.