Wednesday, October 20, 2021

One for Mom

A nice thing that Dave Martin did for some of his models was to make quality portraits that were appropriate to send home to Mother.  Notice the naked Native American jumping into the water on his T-shirt.  Stanford U.'s mascot from 1930-1975 was the Indians.  They then had no mascot for a while and eventually settled on Cardinal . . . singular, that being the school color.



  1. Now I see where the tan lines came from. Great portrait! What a nice idea, to take a "family" photo for his males.

  2. All very apple pie. Looking at that portrait, no one could have believed he clearly revelled in being photographed in the raw, legs akimbo. But then, mothers always know...

  3. Mr. Cooper looks great in his clothes too! What a lovely portrait and good on Dave Martin for taking this. I'm sure it had pride of place back at home.