Sunday, November 21, 2021

Dave Martin Day

Dave Martin is one of my favorite photographers, so I'm doing another series on his work.  Mr. Martin was unflinching when it came to frontal nudity, and he had some legal issues as a result.  What surprises me is how little he used posing straps or derriere shots as a way around the restrictions.  I actually had to do additional research to find enough G-rated material with named models for a new series.  I'm starting with a relatively rare Dave Martin rear view which has Ed Siemens as the model.



  1. Ah, a "reverse silhouette," if you will. The pose is unique and He's muscles are clearly defined in this great photo.

  2. And the leaf shadow on his shoulder is terrific.

    1. The pose grabs your attention first, but the light, shadows, and texture kick in shortly.