Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Don Whitman of Western Photography Guild

In my years of reading about physique photographers, one thing comes up repeatedly in relation to Don Whitman in addition to his consummate skills as a photographer.  During his many years running Western Photography Guild, he was always known as a kind and generous gentleman.  He never pressured his models to go beyond their comfort level, much less to have sex.  He founded a regional bodybuilding competition in Denver and sponsored several of his models so they could get a good career start.  When Mr. Whitman passed away in 1998 at age 81 more than a dozen of his former models attended his funeral, many bringing their wives and children.  He was that respected.



  1. Sincere thanks, Mr Whitman, for helping me through adolescence. R.I.P.

    1. He was a true gentleman and a consummate professional.

    2. One of the best ! The outdoor physique photos especially.
      And he seemed to keep in touch with his models through the years.

    3. He was so kind to and well regarded by his models that about a dozen of them attended his funeral with their families.

    4. A devastating flood almost wiped Don Whitman out financially !
      In 1965 a hundred-year flood struck the Platte River over running its banks and flooding and damaging large parts of Denver.
      Mr. Whitman's studio was severely flooded, and thousands of negatives and photos were washed away !
      With the help of family and friends he was able to retrieve some of his material. (Imagine people downstream finding material of near nude men in their front and back yards)
      -RJ in the IE.