Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Jack Mitchell

Jack Mitchell (1925-2013) was born and died in Florida, but he is best known as a photographer of dancers and other celebrities in New York City.  Do a Google Images search and you'll see some great G-rated celebs including John Lennon, Leonard Bernstein, and Natalie Wood.  His relatively small number of male nudes are of excellent quality, as we see here with Louis Falco from 1966.



  1. Wow, is the lighting terrific or what? And the pose is perfect for conveying a dancer's moves, too.

  2. Off topic here, but is there a way I could email you a photo? I found a very curious image that perhaps you could comment on.

    1. Certainly, and I'd be glad to look at it. Use the contact form at upper right, and I will reply privately with the direct email for the blog. No one will see your message, email address, or any ensuing exchange between us.