Thursday, December 30, 2021


Here is an example of the type I've heard referred to as "all potatoes and little meat."
Not a body type, mind you.  Some other type.



  1. I hate to sexualize this post, but he does have a big scrotum even if his peter is no big thing. And he COULD be a grower rather than a shower. Come to think of it...why weren't hard on shots included?

  2. Hung, requires anything merely over average. 4", w/ pecan-sized balls.
    •Got it Hanging=Longer than average penis.
    •Got 'em hanging=large balls.
    While WELL HUNG equals, indicates anything beyond the large end of average 7" and up,
    Usually balls are not even considered, at this point, tho' uncut Muybridge "Really had 'em hanging" with a nut the size of a clementine orange!