Saturday, December 18, 2021

Bill again . . . or is it Jim

I made this composite to show how Dick Falcon (or some editor) reversed a picture and removed it from the background for a magazine page.  Oh, and every other picture I've seen of this fellow lists his given name as Bill, not Jim, Stewart.  You'd think they'd get it right for the magazine.



  1. I have tried to find out when Bill/Jim Stewart was active, but I cannot trace him. MANual was most definitely a mid-60s publication - the font of the title is sufficient evidence alone - yet Mr Stewart's sun tan lines indicate late 50s, early 60s posing trunks. By the mid-60s, they had reduced to half the size, and so I am assuming that this was a recycled series, taken earlier by Dick Falcon.

    1. I'm pretty sure you're right about this being recycled from earlier photo work. That was fairly common when liberalization hit and publishers wanted to make a fast buck without waiting for new images to be made. In fact, there were some brazen incidents of outright theft. One publisher used Kovert of Hollywood images in 1968 without even crediting the deceased creator.