Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Bob Delmonteque, Part 2 - G-Rated Photos by Bob

Bob Delmonteque was one of several models and bodybuilders who ended up behind the camera.  While he began taking photos while still in Michigan, most of his work was done in California, and he seems to have given it up when his training and gym business took off.  Too bad, that.  Although he did take some frontal nudes, having seen what happened to Doug Juleff in Detroit, he kept most of his photographic work on the mild side.  Today we look at five of those.  This is Don Reyes.



  1. Isn't it a shame that, for so long a time, we males had to be ashamed of our cocks,regarding them as something dirty when photographed? Yet at YMCAs and saunas, etc, nakedness was perfectly okay. Never did understand that dichotomy.

  2. Maybe not the best quality of the photos featured in this section but Mr. Reyes is a good looking model with an impressive physique.


    1. I agree about the quality of the photo. We never know if it was really that bad to start with, or just a bad scan or alteration done later.