Tuesday, December 14, 2021


I posted a black and white version of this picture about three years ago, but in a rare situation for me, I like the color better.  I recall seeing this model in Wyngate and Bevins "nudist" magazines.



  1. Nice pose, bright atmosphere, handsome male. And my favourite shadow on his right thigh! What's not to like? Thanks again for a great series, Jerry.

  2. Voilà encore une série qui me fait très plaisir, Jerry tu sais combien j'aime les hommes très poilus. Pour moi, il n'y a jamais trop de poil. J'ai connu un homme qui quand il se mettait nu, avait encore l'impression d'avoir un pyjama noir, tellement il était poilu, des pieds et des poignets jusqu'au cou !!!
    Here is another series that makes me very happy, Jerry you know how much I love very hairy men. For me, there is never too much hair. I knew a man who when he got naked, still had the impression of having black pajamas, he was so hairy, from his feet and wrists up to his neck !!!

  3. Replies
    1. Wouldn't surprise me if he worked for AMG, but I don't have a clue about the name.

  4. This is Joe Petricelli. The tattoo on his upper left arm is a dead giveaway. He posed with Jim Horn and Jack Renio in several of the Wyngate & Bevins nudist magazines.