Saturday, December 18, 2021

Dick Falcon Day

Dick Falcon was a 1930s bodybuilder who went on to a fairly successful career as a photographer.  That's Dick himself above with a classic 30s hairstyle, and it may have been a selfie done with a timer.  Mr. Falcon is better known for his "legitimate" publicity photos of bodybuilders, but his nudes are worth a look and have been featured here before.  In another note that may interest some of you, Dick Falcon is said to have been involved with Walter Kundzicz of Champion in the Sunset Beach Club, a nudist resort in Florida that had Darryl Powers as a resident model.  Look for a "whatever happened to" series on Mr. Powers with a Dick Falcon photo of him here on the blog in a week or so.



  1. Dick looks extremely muscular and lean. Something about the lighting makes his brow look prominent, and makes Dick look like he’s a tough guy.

    1. The tough guy look was probably intentional. I have another photo of him where he is lunging with a dagger in his hand. As for the muscles, he worked on those before he took up photography.

  2. Wow...utterly stunning body. I look forward to the Darryl Powers blog.