Thursday, December 30, 2021

Fort Sheridan Body Type Studies

I had a request for more of the World War II military induction nude photos, 
and having just discovered a stash of "new" one, it was easy.  We start with recruit 
number 9422 who seems totally indifferent to the whole process.



  1. These pictures both fascinate and appall me. I like the handsomeness of the naked male, but there's something vaguely...maybe not so vaguely, actually... Hitlerian about the whole idea of classifying men by body type. Did they do this with females, does anyone know?

    1. I think it was more of a survey than it was some sort of classification system with effects on the way the men were dealt with. I'm not aware of any female projects like this in the military, but iirc, there was a female component of the Ivy League posture studies.