Friday, December 17, 2021

France Day, Part 2 - the Nude Drawings of Jean Cocteau


Jean Cocteau was a very complex and interesting figure who played a pre-eminent role in the French arts, letters, and cinematic worlds for a good stretch of the 20th Century.  (Click his label at right of go to Google for details.)  Our Friday art series will feature five of his male nude drawings.  Our first work has a simple and elegant realism to it that I like very much.


  1. Did Cocteau ever do colour paintings? I have seen a number of line drawings like this,but never a full portrait.

    1. He did quite a few full color works, but not when it came to male nudes. One or two of the nudes have a few color highlights, but not the full treatment.

  2. I really enjoy these double features which combine photos and artwork and this one works particularly well. This is my favourite of the drawings featured here. I like your description of its simple and elegant realism. Nice work, Jerry