Thursday, December 16, 2021


This is Pier Paolo Pasolini, a gay Italian actor, writer and political figure.  Google him 
and learn about his interesting, if tragic, life.  I think this may be from one of his movies.



  1. How sad. He was a handsome man and seemed to have done much to help tolerance and acceptance in Italy. Also...nicely hung.

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    1. Good suggestion. I think I'll do that as soon as I finish my new book on George Platt Lynes.

  3. The photo comes from a series of photos by the Italian photographer Dino Pedriali. They were taken shortly before Pasolini's death. Pasolini was best known as a director outside Italy. His films won many prestigious awards.

  4. Monsieur Pasolini, un homme aussi robuste et beau, fidele a lui-meme et a sa sexualitie. Un homme complexe qui questionne la societe. Il etait si controverse a son epoque. Ses films peuvent etre a la fois divertessants et sombres. Certains en Europe pensent qu'il a ete assassine par les forces reactionnaires en Italie, degoutes par ses films controverses et ses convictions politiques.

    Gentilhomme a Paris

    1. What you say about Sr. Pasolini is quite true. There is more than just idle speculation regarding his untimely death. Dark forces were at work in Italian politics at the time, and there were some investigations that were said to have been cancelled because of powerful interference.