Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Troop train showers

During World War II, 95% of railway engines were steam, and steam requires water near the tracks.  Today we will look at some German soldiers taking advantage of the water to shower trackside.  
There's something for almost everyone in this charming photo.



  1. I'm guessing this is an amateur snap, but the lighting worked out beautifully, didn't it? And you're right, it covers all bases...frontals, butts, tan lines. Great shot! Thank you, Jerry.

  2. Très belle série, de celles comme je les adore...Je me demande si le gars près du train n'avait pas un début d'érection en voyant ses copains se doucher? Je le comprends, ils avaient des très beaux corps et des culs splendides !!!
    Very nice series, of those as I adore them ... I wonder if the guy near the train did not have the beginning of an erection when he saw his friends showering? I understand it, they had very beautiful bodies and splendid asses !!!

    1. You may be right about the near erection, Albert. He looks happy, too! I thought you would enjoy this series, and I'm happy to be correct.