Monday, December 13, 2021

Way over the top

OK, this one is so far out there I don't know where to start.  First, the model is in some angry at God overwrought pose.  Second, the tip of something is showing despite that bizarre device that I hesitate to call a fig leaf.  And finally, what's holding up the other end of that thing from behind?



  1. This is not your regular fig leaf, is it? He might have been hard, and his penis was already upright so he just pushed the "leaf" up against his body, over his peter. Or, this device was odd enough that the penis had to be push upward despite not being hard. Anyway, the whole pose and atmosphere are so over the top, that the weird device covering his gear is almost secondary...

  2. My guess is a wire spring of some kind attached to the wall in back rather than the model-

  3. Plus the weird cropping outline that looks kind of, but not exactly, like a violin.

    1. Right, and I can't tell if that was original to the piece or added later.