Saturday, January 8, 2022


This guy wielding a pickaxe was big in the bush department.



  1. Always good to see Muybtidge's work! Thanks, Jerry. Do you have any idea how many of these studies he did? I never seem to see repeats. Which is cool.

    1. You're welcome, B.D.! He did hundreds all told, with a considerable portion being women and animals which you'll never see here.

  2. During his time in Philadelphia, he and his team exposed about 500 negatives per day, using as many as 48 cameras for each sequence. They secured some 100,000 negatives in total. In 1887, when he first began issuing the composite plates, he offered 781 plates. Of those, 6 plates were of draped men, 72 of men with a "pelvis cloth" and 133 of nude men. Other large classes of plates included the 180 nude women and the 95 horses. So yes, there should be plenty to choose from before Jerry has to start repeating them!


  3. IIRC, Muybridge was also the guy who proved that a running horse can have all its hooves off the ground at the same moment