Monday, January 17, 2022


I'm not fully confident that this one is amateur,
but that was what I was told.



  1. It looks washed out enough to be amateur, IMHO.

  2. Who knows... But we all know why someone wanted him to pose naked and why he was happy to be photographed! He certainly wasn't skulking behind the kitchen door when they were handing out the cookies.

  3. Je pense que c'est un amateur...
    J'ai connu un jeune Italien qui a accepté du premier coup de poser nu pour moi dans les années 73/74. Il était très beau garçon et il le savait. Je l'avais vu sur la plage, il aimait montrer son sexe subrepticement aux mecs seuls qui se promenaient sur une plage isolée. Je n'ai malheureusement plus ces photos, je les avais détruite du moins celles que je ne lui pas offerte, de peur qu'on les trouve chez moi.
    I think he's an amateur...
    I knew a young Italian who immediately agreed to pose naked for me in the years 73/74. He was a very handsome boy and he knew it. I had seen him on the beach, he liked to show his sex surreptitiously to single guys who were walking on an isolated beach. Unfortunately, I no longer have these photos, I had destroyed them at least those that I did not offer him, for fear that they would be found at my house.

    1. Interesting story, Albert. Too bad you didn't feel comfortable keeping the photos.

    2. Jerry ! À l'époque, ce n'est pas à toi que je vais apprendre que détenir ce genre de photos était mal vu. En Belgique sans doute moins qu'aux Etats-Unis, mais si on avait appris dans ma famille que j'étais gay, j'aurais été banni ! Ils m'ont quand même banni plus de 20 ans plus tard, mais bon, là, je m'en foutais !
      Jerry ! At the time, it was not from you that I was going to learn that having this kind of photos was frowned upon. In Belgium probably less than in the United States, but if my family had learned that I was gay, I would have been banned! They still banned me more than 20 years later, but hey, I didn't care!