Friday, February 11, 2022


Eddie Williams was the second WPG model who came to mind when I thought of guys 
who were somewhat older than the usual for the physique genre.  Here the pose and the 
lighting are both somewhat dramatic, and they both work quite well.



  1. The fact that he is not greased up makes this shot all the better, IMHO. Jerry, thanks for this whole posting. I like seeing males who are definitely adults. Sometimes I am actually uncomfortable because some of these models seem to look like they are not really at the age of consent. You don't show many that look all that young, which is why I truly enjoy your blog.

    1. Photographers back in the day were not always as careful about age as the current laws require. I tend to be very conservative in that regard, plus I don't post action porn at all and erections only very rarely.

  2. Amazing...what a physique. And superb pose..