Friday, February 25, 2022


All the info I have on this one is the letter M and 1970.



  1. "M" shows up well in this natural light. And his maleness is not at all "classical."

  2. I have him couple years earlier minus the beard identified as "Chuck" by El Sol Productions of 6311 Yucca St Hollywood 90028 - the ad is in the back of "Sun Gods" pub 1968 Calafran Enterprises San Francisco
    . He also has a 4 page spread in "Buttonfly" mag pub 1970 by Mecca Magazines San Francisco where he is also identified as "Chuck" - I seem to remember him with the beard in a Target mag so I'll have to do some additional hunting

  3. Color pic of Chuck with beard wearing a straw cowboy hat standing on a Ford tractor fully nude - attributed to Target