Friday, February 11, 2022

Older than Average, Part 2 - Academic Art

Part two or our "Older than Average" series focuses on academic art.
Emile August Ruffin drew this handsome fellow in 1874, and I can only 
hope that current art schools continue to insist that their students 
draw and paint the nude male form with a variety of model types.



  1. Interesting to note here how hair and beard will change the proportions of a model, thus making the head appear too large for the body. To answer your question. There is, based on my experience, a reasonable range of male and female models. Some have even said older models are more interesting to draw. I tend to get rebookings based on my look and pose range.

    1. Thank you, David! Good to know that they are still doing it and that you are in demand as a model.

    2. My pleasure as ever Jerry. I'm modelling next Tuesday thanks to, last time one of the artists requesting another booking. I note, like me, all these have beards. Definitely part of the older male model look.

    3. Funny you mention beards. I'm working on a bearded double feature for about two weeks from now, and this model will appear there by a different artist.