Sunday, February 20, 2022


The sky is comparatively understated in this photo of Oscar Navarre, but the rest of the 
picture makes up for it.  It must have been a windy day when he did his WPG photo shoot, 
because nearly all the photos from that session show his longish hair blowing in the wind.  
Excellent photography here, as always, from Mr. Don Whitman.



  1. His face seems relatively relaxed. Mr. W's expertise with lighting is apparent here. Did he oil down all his models,do you know? This man doesn't seem to be oiled.

    1. Mr. Whitman judiciously used oil when he used it at all, and he certainly didn't use it all the time. I think the practice went out of fashion after the legalization of frontal nudity anyway, but he was less prone to using it even before then. This is based on my impressions and not on any real survey.

  2. So good to see a nicely tached model.