Monday, February 7, 2022

Roy Dean's "A World of Nudes"

Today I am featuring more photos from Roy Dean's 1970s coffee table book, A World of Nudes, much of which was shot here in Hawaii.  We start with a model in a typical tropical scene.



  1. This is one handsome man. I like the casual air of this picture, and his half-smile. Would this be all natural light? It could be dark under those trees.

  2. Jerry, si ce genre de Tarzan existe dans les fôrêt de Hawaii, j'arrive tout de suite !! Vu que toute cette série a été prise dans ton île, je pensais quand même te voir dans une photo de toi nu dans ta jeunesse LOLLLL
    Jerry, if this kind of Tarzan exists in the forests of Hawaii, I'm coming right now!! Since this whole series was taken on your island, I still thought I'd see you in a photo of you naked in your youth LOLLLL

    1. Every now and then we see one like this, but at the beach, not in the forest.

  3. Gorgeous. A look I liked at the time, and still do.

  4. Model's name was Ed Meyers.