Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Asses from Albert

Albert the Gay Belgian's fondness for men's backsides is legendary in these parts, so it's 
only natural that he has a collection of such photos.  Seeing as how we are good friends, 
he chose to share some with me, so they will be today's series.  Thanks, Albert!



  1. That's Bernard Naceri...the same guy with the great butt in the last photo for today. It figures Albert would have more than one photo of Bernard's lovely buns.

  2. Thank you for this special attention Jerry. I hope I'm not the only one who loves beautiful asses among your loyal subscribers...
    Merci pour cette attention parti(CUL)ière Jerry (humour pour les francophones, imossible a transcrire en anglais). J'espère ne pas être le seul a aimer les beaux culs parmi tes abonnés fidèles...

    1. It was my pleasure, and you are not the only derriere fancier. I get lots of nice comments and private messages when I post these. Hugs from Hawaii!

  3. This man’s entire backside is gorgeous. The back of his shoulders and chest and his lower back and butt all blend into one solid, rock-like mass of strength,