Thursday, March 31, 2022


Those bathing suits make me think that these guys had to be Europeans.
Perhaps Calorman will come along and enlighten us on their swimwear/



  1. I am inclined to agree with you that they're from Europe. Still, the bulges in the trunks are attractive, nicht wahr?

  2. I think it certain that this trio are Europeans and given the hairstyles, which are not military, this photograph is either late 1930s or early 1950s when that style of trunks was fashionable. From the focus of the photograph, which is clearly amateur taken on an average rather than professional camera, I think it is safe to say 1930s. The trunks have a sheen to them, very typical of wet wool. I think we are looking at a health spa or club rather than a municipal pool, and as far as I can see the company is entirely male. The architecture would indicate either Germany or possibly Hungary. I don't think the three of them are in fact that swarthy, it being the exposure and the print, although there are plenty of dark haired people in both countries. Perhaps surprisingly given Fascism's bogus appeal to "traditional values", both Nazi Germany and authoritarian Hungary were really quite relaxed about exposed flesh, in contrast to the Latin countries and the more puritan Protestant societies such as The Netherlands and Scandinavia. (Full frontal male nudity was in fact fully legal in films in Hungary even under communism and such scenes went out uncut on TV, emphasizing the fact that societal attitudes always prevail.)

    The trunks themselves are a mid-rise, full seat swimming brief and I have seen photographs of the Wehrmacht's official swimming team in 1936 competing in swimming briefs identical to the ones we see above.

    1. Thanks for the interesting details! For some reason, they look more Hungarian to me.