Monday, March 21, 2022

Johnny and Johnny

We have two Johnnies here, Menendez and Seaton.  Mr. Seaton is the one reclining.
Used by kind permission of copyright holder, Leather Archives and Museum of Chicago.



  1. There's a casual sense of fraternity here that I like. Mr. Seaton appears to have a light mat of chest hair. Maybe it was too light to show up well in this shot.

  2. I don't this one is from a film, but both guys did a couple of loops for Kris. You may recall Mr. Menendez from several AMG films.

    1. I know so little about AMG films compared to you, but I'm learning more from those hard copies Bill D. sent me. Mizer used Physique Pictorial as a promotional device for his movies and stills as much as venue of its own.