Thursday, April 14, 2022

Bad . . . or sad?

Whatever happened to:  Alexander T. "Mad Dog" Mains  

When I started working on the "Bad Boys of Physique Modeling" series, Alexander Thomas Mains immediately came to mind.  I found, however, that when I delved into his personal history and the available records, he turned out to be more sad than bad.  I could find no record of criminal convictions, although he was described by some as a brawler.  Bob Mizer found him congenial and easy to work with.  He had a sense or humor and wasn't afraid to poke fun at himself and the genre in which he worked.  So you look at this series decide.  Was he bad or sad? 

Provenance note:  Although several of today's images were included in the generous donation of the Bill D. Collection, I actually had all of these photos in my collection prior to that kind act.



  1. He mostly just looks young to me in this photo. Definitely more innocent than bad. But, those thighs are like Popeye’s forearms! Impressive and very attractive.