Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Ryan and a Cougar

I don't think the term "cougar" was in use when Ryan MacDonald posed for Playgirl 
with this real one.  Or is that a wildcat?  Anyway, let's all say, "Nice kitty."



  1. "Cougar" was in use. When I was a child back in the pre-Roman era, "cougar" was used rather terms like puma and such. This has not been true in other parts of the country, where puma or panther was favored. A wildcat was between a cougar and a bobcat.

    1. I was trying to imply the modern slang term for an older woman younger men find attractive, but didn't do a good job. With a mostly gay audience, what did I expect, lol.

    2. Ha! Reminds of when my partner and I named our cat "Pussy." Our Lesbian friends were in stitches.

    3. Reminds me of when Mrs. Slocomb on "Are You Being Served" said, "These after hours sales meetings are agitating my Pussy."