Monday, May 2, 2022

Google Blogger Platform Issues

Disappearing comments . . . again

It has come to my attention that some comments have failed to appear on the blog despite the viewers having followed the correct process.  I do not moderate comments and have not deleted any comments (only done for explicit sexual references and personal insults) in many weeks now.  So this is another problem with the posting system, and it's not the first time.  I have reported it to Google, but they do not give a high priority to fixing Google Blogger as it is not a cash cow.

You might want to double check and make sure your comments have actually posted.  If they don't, let me know about it using the contact form at upper right.  You can also send the comment with post reference, and I will be happy to put it up if for you with your screen name attached.

This does get tiresome.  


  1. Considering this is of a blog of naked men, you're pretty prudish about other people's sexually expressive comments and allowing them to stay.

    1. I'm a long time fan of your blog, and I appreciate how you're doing it (SagebrushDan)

    2. Thanks, Dan, and I appreciate your participation in the comments.