Sunday, May 22, 2022

Haase 1860

I have a small group of photos ascribed to "Haase-Behrend" from about 1860.  I made this composite because I think they are the same man.  Some of the photos in that group depict illness and deformities, but I don't detect that sort of thing here, although he is holding his hands somewhat oddly.



  1. This male seems uncomfortable and the position of the hands only supports that aura.

    1. True, and it still leaves me wondering if he is uncomfortable because he is posing nude or because he is ill in some way I can't detect.

    2. Some guesses as to his discomfort .. 1 the 'intense' face expression may be due/influenced by the time exposer needed for a pic in 1860. 2. he is asked to hold 'pretend' weights'

    3. Both John's points could be true. The model does look like he's holding an imaginary barbell, and posing in that era was indeed grueling.