Thursday, June 23, 2022

Good time

A good time seems to be under way in this photo that looks like it was made at the same location as the one I posted earlier which was donated by Dee.  I acquired it separately, though.



  1. I wonder how many of these males were secretly checking out the other guys' equipment. But in all honesty, I bet most of them were not.

    1. I read somewhere that a survey found that most men will privately admit to checking other guys out in group nudity situations. It's a very natural thing, even for heterosexuals.

    2. I believe Jerry is correct. Many years ago, a therapist I was seeing, who is straight, commented that in situations like common showers, etc., "We all checked each other out." This would have been back in the late 1950s to early 60s when he was in the Service, when showing sexual interest in another guy would have been way too risky. So checking each other out had to be subtle, or marked by joking around to deflect accusations. The motivation wasn't always sexual interest, some guys were just curious how they stacked up against other guys. But sometimes it was sexual, even by self-proclaimed straight guys. The bottom line is that sexual attraction is on a continuum, and "is all over the place," in my therapist's words.

    3. 2ndWave is right about that continuum. It's a well established axiom of human sexuality.