Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Pat Rocco was quite active in promoting his various enterprises, but this one doesn't say exactly what sort of production it was.  The notes at right suggest it was a collection of photos.



  1. With Directing and editing mentioned, it would be a film.
    (A documentary of [still photos][nude romp in the woods]?)
    Cast was mentioned as beautiful, but, not as talented actors.

    1. It's the use of the word "collection" that threw me off. One doesn't usually see that term in reference to a film.

    2. "A Pat Rocco Happening" is the name of the film, released in 1968; re-released in 1970 with the title "Man Happenings." It consisted of a group of shorter films, a "collection." According to Pat in his opening comments on the DVD I have, it was the first all-male film released to general theaters and the first film to show male-male kissing. I would assume that "Pat Rocco Presents" is the name of the second film, and Joe Adair is the star. I don't have that one, so I cannot confirm.