Friday, July 15, 2022


When I told Ken I grew up on a ranch in Texas, he said that as a boy in Wolverhampton he would go to the movies every time he had the money to see cowboy films.  He had a huge and varied group of cowboy photos, all G-rated.  When I asked him why he didn't collect cowboy nudes, he said, "They're all fake cowboys, usually with fake props and costumes."  Well, he was right, and the above is about as close to nudity as you get with Ken's cowboys.  He was thrilled when I sent him some of my historic family photos going back to the 1870s, and he helped me edit them for a book on the family history that I published in 2016.  He got to see the chapters he helped me with before he died.



  1. I'm with Ken regarding cowboy photos. I recall previous discussions here regarding viewers appreciation of the real cowboy photos you've published over the - often faintly ridiculous - studio model 'cowboys'. I am, of course, going to make an honourable exception in the case of Dick Dene though!