Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Douglas of Detroit Day

I recently realized that it's been too long since I did a series honoring Doug Juleff, aka Douglas of Detroit.  Victim of a 1958 raid by the Detroit Police aided by his own father, Mr. Juleff was jailed and much of his portfolio destroyed.  All that remained were the pictures already in circulation and a small group that he had moved to a friend's home shortly before the raid.  A very talented man, he never went back to physique photography, even after liberalization.  Thanks to collectors who have shared their images, we do have a sizable body of work, but are left wondering what was lost forever.  We start the show with this dramatically lighted photo of Bill Cooper.



  1. Such a talented photographer. It's a shame that Doug Juleff didn't go back to physique photography but perfectly understandable given the circumstances. Thankfully through collectors and bloggers such as yourself, Jerry, we are able to enjoy what remains of Mr. Juleff's exemplary work.


    1. I've seen some observers speculate that Doug Juleff didn't resume work after legalization because the market quickly became glutted with material that was comparatively crass. By the mid-70s there were some very artistic full male nudes being done, but the style, while influenced by him, was not very much like his.

    2. Mr Juleff was arrested and jailed without bail for possession of obscene materials , referred to probation and psychiatric clinc - per Detroit Free Press article dated March 18, 1955.

    3. Interesting newspaper reference. The second hand accounts of the police raid which I've seen usually say 1958 or just late 50s. That's a few years later, but your citation is very specific. Thanks!

  2. Did the photographer crop this? Or did he take it this way? The great lighting makes it a gem in either case.

  3. i like the result, this is one of high quality vintage nude male photos i've ever seen
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