Friday, July 15, 2022


Those of you who know the Bay Area may recognize the East Bay bridge in the background.  
At the time Mr. Scumbeast gave me this photo I didn't know enough to realize that this is by Denny Denfield.  I've mentioned that Ken wasn't all that keen on the classic era physique photographers, 
but he couldn't pass up a magnificent photo like this, calling it "Drama on the Rocks."  
And that looks like a curtain rod that the unknown model is holding.



  1. Yes, i love picture like this, this is really showing male physique and look at his body and penis, im so proud of him. Men should be like him

  2. Perfect symmetry and the curtain rod works. He looks like some kind of sea god.

    1. They well have been going for a Neptune look with this one, so yeah, sea god for sure.

  3. Poseiden to the Greeks and Neptune to the Romans (Neptune is the one with the seahorse driven sea chariot.), or perhaps he's a Triton.
    Anyone knows the models name? He certainly has the body of a god.
    -Rj in the IE