Monday, July 11, 2022

Gotta be Germans

Viewer Sam H. from Seattle sent this one in and had no info on it.
I think they have to be WWII German soldiers.  Who else would do that so cheerfully?



  1. I can't help but wonder what occasion prompted this photo. I seriously doubt that it ran in Gean newspapers.

    1. It might have been a joke. Even the highly disciplined Wehrmacht generally looked quite relaxed when on R&R at a beach.

  2. If this photo is from a military unit, the range of ages and physical conditions is too big. If you look carefully at the middle row (but also on the front line) there are several bald (and paunchy) men who looks 10 or more years older than the rest.
    I did a google search and, after 1939, all German soldiers had to use a dog tag. Nothing like that is visible on any of the men
    Also the haircuts are not very military looking.
    So if the men are German, I think about two possibilities:
    They are recruited workers for the Organisation Todt (see, as a reference, the Todt workers built most or the original Autobahn.
    Or the photo could be from a German FKK group from the early 30's (before Hitler) At that time the theater (female) dancer's line "à la Rockettes" were very popular.
    In a nutshell, they could be German, but probably not soldiers in active...

  3. Me again. I pressed publish before typing the last line
    In any case, it is always very nice to see so many "normal type" men fully naked.

  4. There's Dicks, and there's circDUMBised dicks, ...there's no such thing as "uncircumcised."
    The intact men, bmnever really have a Societal problem with nudity. [See modern Europe.]
    It's the heavily circ'd cultures that are modest, nude-fearing, and body-shamed.
    (Israel, The Middle East, North Africa, and USA.]