Sunday, July 31, 2022

John I

John Haley is the first of two fellows named John in today's set.
Hopefully, that interesting undergarment will draw a comment from Calorman.



  1. Is this by Milo? I think it's the first one by him I've seen where the model was not stripped.

    1. On the rare side, but not unheard of.

    2. There is another Milo photo of JOHN HALEY posed in front of the Horizontal Bars where he is fully Nude and stripped. But it is G-Rated as he is posed so nothing objectionable shows. I have never see any photos of JOHN HALEY fully frontal Nude by Milo or Bruce Bellas.

  2. That "interesting undergarment" is nothing more than an early example of the Jockey Skants sports brief, first marketed as such in 1958 in North America, to be made under licence in Australia and Britain. An early example because it was slightly redesigned in 63/64, reducing the front and back to make it even smaller to meet popular demand for even briefer men's bikini underwear then in vogue. It was one, if not the most popular and best selling of all the lines in men's underwear of all time. The first brief marketed deliberately as a "sports brief" it threatened the sartorial hegemony of the jockstrap and, as such, was wearable from locker room to bedroom, which speaks volumes as to what men really do prefer to wear when they have the freedom of choice from social pressures. I have never come across any other photos of John Haley in this series by Pat Milo, so save for any other information, I can only assume he was a one-off model who was prepared to be photographed in this brief which he wears well. I would date the photograph early, before '64.