Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Larry introduced me to the Dukhobors, Russian immigrants to Canada who were a persecuted religious minority in their homeland.  They initially lived communally, and it was their habit of protesting in the nude against compulsory military service and education that got them a lot of attention.  This 1895 demonstration was against the draft, something they gained religious exemption from in 1898.



  1. The Dukhobors figured peripherally in mystery novel I just read, but it didn't mention their naked demonstrations.

  2. They lived just north of us in British Columbia. We’re very active in the 1960’s. In addition to protesting nude they also burned down their houses to protest taxes. Turned out neither activity was voluntary. After their leaders went to prison they settled down into quiet, productive communities.

    1. I think they were actually counted as an ethnic group in some Canadian census records, but the numbers were dwindling when last reported.