Tuesday, August 2, 2022


"Austrian 1969" was the label for today's topsy-turvy picture.  I'm guessing he was 
on vacation somewhere since this doesn't look very much like anywhere in Austria.



  1. My favourite in today's series. A good looking, athletic guy with a great body and the photo captures the package beautifully.


  2. Austria is a landlocked country since the end of WWI!

    This place do not looks like a lake, because of the waves and no land is visible at the horizon.
    So it is either in the Mediterranean (probably at the former Yugoslavia) or the Baltic coast.
    In Vienna there are a couple of nude beaches on islands at the Danube. But the photo is clearly not at the River.

    By the way there is a Yugoslav 1986 film called "Lepota poroka" (aka "The Beauty of Vice" or "Schönheit der Sünde") filmed mainly on a FKK resort.
    It is available on Amazon, but it also can be downloaded from other pages (for example, it was available at

    1. Thank you for the interesting details and background information. Now I'm very sure the Austrian element here is the man and not the surroundings.

    2. Location could be Neusiedler Lake on the border of Austria and Hungary.
      -Rj in the IE.

  3. he looked so happy and playful, i wish we can back to that time, where nudity amongst men is common thing

    1. Things go in and out of fashion. With global warming, nudity may become something we have to do just to stay cool.