Thursday, August 18, 2022

David and the Monkey

I couldn't go through James' photo collection without posting something from Mizer's Menagerie.  This time it's David Davis and one of several monkeys that lived in the AMG compound over the years.



  1. He fills that pouch quite well! But I hate monkeys. I did a project with macaques for an anthropology class and learned to loathe them. Are there any frontals of Mr. Davis?

    1. I know what you mean by monkeys. I got attacked by one in a market in Mexico in 1973. Damn thing got hold of my shoulder length hair and wouldn't let go until the vendor whacked him with a cane. I have to say that the poor thing had probably been mistreated, which by most accounts was not something that happened to Mizer's Menagerie.

    2. My aunt and uncle had a Whooley monkey! Uncle was gonna buy a puppy for their daughter. Went to the pet store, saw what he thought was a chocolate-colored cat only to be told it's a monkey! Uncle wondered why it wasn't back in the wilds of Brazil where it belonged. Pet shop owner informed my uncle the monkey can't go back in the wild cause it learned no survivals skills in captivity. Said uncle feels sorry for monkey, buys and brings the monkey home. Auntie not to thrilled, but eventually monkey becomes favorite pet !.
      Now here's the good part. I and granma have to house sit while uncle and auntie go on a business trip. Babysitting the monkey is part of the job. While we house sit monkey escapes, because granma forgot that he knows how to open doors. (after having been told to keep the door locked on the bonus room where monkey lived).
      So, from 10 o'clock in the morning, we spend the next five hours chasing dear monkey ! While he did the following antics - sunning himself on the pink concrete wall of the house while granma yelled at him "get back in the house you filthy thing" (the poor next-door neighbor thought she was talking to him ! )
      Pissed on the windshield of another neighbors 58 Buick, after pulling up some flowers in their front yard.
      Got to the end of the cul de sac of Silver Maple Way where there is a space between the homes for a storm drain with a wall that on the otherside are the playing fields of Foothill HS in Tustin which we feared dear monkey would dart across. Luckily the teens at said HS came running when they saw the dear one, scared him and he came to our side of the wall.
      Next, he climbed a tree to get to the balcony on another neighbor's home where he started banging on a window and luckily no one was home (it was a Wednesday). Dear monkey then proceeded to run over to Gimbert St. (which runs along the side of uncles house) where he peeked into yet another neighbor's window. This time the lady of the house was home saw the dear monkey and proceeded to run out of her house screaming "there's a strange man looking in my window".
      Granma (by this time exhausted and p/o'd) told the lady "oh go back into your house you crazy thing"!
      Finally, it dawns on us, dear monkey has favorite toy, a torn to shreds
      raggedy ann doll which we used as bait to get dear monkey back in the damn house!
      Lesson learned - wild animals belong in the wild, not your home !
      The dear monkey "Freddy" lived a long time (1964-1996)
      I miss those times, both uncle and auntie are deceased. He in 1997 she in 2018. Granma was the BEST she raised me after raising her own 12 children. Yes, count 'em TWELVE ! (7 sons and 5 daughters) She left us in 1997. If there's a heaven, I hope she's not having to chase that monkey !
      Oh, this event occurred in the fall of 1970 when I was 7 years of age. -RJ in the IE

  2. Mr. Davis is a braver man than me. I wouldn't want to be in any state of undress around a monkey.

    This is the only photo of David David that James posted on his blog and he only one that I've been able to find anywhere. Shame, as I'd love to see more of him. He's a good looking guy, he fills the pouch very nicely and has a great pair of hairy legs.


    1. Thanks for the info, Peter. Seems like he was a one session model.

  3. Bezauberndes Foto von David Davis und Mizers Affchen.
    Er passt besser auf, dass der Affe vielleicht seinen G-String abreisst.
    Ich weiss, ich wurde !

    1. I was attacked by a monkey in a market in Mexico in 1972. He tried to pull my long hair out, and when we finally got him off me, his owner asked me if I wanted to buy him!

    2. Shrecklich, sie konnen gefahrlich sein. -austriche