Monday, August 8, 2022

Fred and Friend

Fred DeGroot (left) is in a double hand hold here with an unknown model.
Is Fred looking at the other guy's package?  He might be jealous.



  1. Did the colour turn in this shot? Checking out his partner's gear is definitely understandable. It is a great set. Speaking of male gear, was Fred circumcised, or just skinned back? When does this picture date from?

    1. I think the shading is natural aging, and the photo is 1940s. Fred's equipment isn't clear enough for me to have an opinion.

  2. He is uncut. I've seen other pictures. His partner is Bill Leardi.

  3. It might be wrestling, or maybe just an interesting interactive pose.

  4. DeGroot was part of a nightclub acrobatic act. They were also circus and side show attractions. These acrobatic shows supposed to have started in circuses and branched out to other areas, like night clubs, and were considered unique and tasteful, unlike the sideshows. I’m sure these acts weren’t usually done in the nude, but there are examples of these acrobats posing nude around. If you catch a circus acrobatic act today, lots of the men perform with their chests bare.